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Affiliate Marketing is a way of marketing a business that has been popular years ago but with capabilities offered by the Web it has become even more popular.
The K8Poker Affiliate program is open to everyone. Signup is easy and FREE!!!
What is Rake?
The money that players bet against each other is the pot. Online cardrooms take a percentage of each pot; this percentage is called 'the rake'.
K8Poker Affiliate program
You can use your affiliate link to refer players to our website. As they sign up and start playing you will start earning money. With this opportunity you will have income for lifetime.
Kate poker charges 2.5% rake of the total pot size. You will earn 15% of the rake paid by your referred players.
For example, Assume you have referred 10 players; they play 200 hands per day with average call of 50chips. The rake paid by these players will be 10(players)*50(chips)*200(hands)*2.5%(rake) = 2500 Chips . You will earn 15% of this as affiliate program, which will be 375 Chips per day or more than 11000 Chips (1.1 Bitcoins!) per month. You should know that average 200 hands per day and 50 Chips per call is below average for a professional player. Here is when you can say your friends are GOLD :).

Where To start?

Maybe today is your lucky day! Just Update your Status on Facebook with your referral link and have your fingers crossed and see if you have poker players as your friend.

If you have any questions ask in our support section.